September Extreme Planning


Back by popular demand!  The Index Challenge has been consistently one of the most popular #EP's this year by far so this time I gave it (yet another) twist.  This time we've got SQUARES!!  With some fun tabs just for kicks!

What is Extreme Planning?  
     -Every month I create and share a monthly planner or concept with the community called the "Extreme Planner".  Some months have a prompt each day, some months have only one orientation, some months have both portrait and landscape to choose from!  The challenge part is completing every day.  You don't have to share them (but I love when you do!) or you can share a "before the pen" version that contains no information that you prefer to be kept private.  If you do opt to share you can do so in the Facebook group or on Instagram where I can see your posts!  Be sure to use the hashtag #extremeplanning