Leni Digitals digital planning

Why do I keep seeing Nico with the peddler cart in the Facebook Group?
     -This image posted in the Facebook Group means that new items have been added to the "Transient" tab on the website.  These items are exclusive to the web store and are available for a random amount of time.  Could be a day.  Could be an hour.  Don't sit on those!

Which character is featured each month?
    -Every month has its flagship character with exclusive content that will be available during that month only.  The schedule is as follows:
January - Nash
February - Quinn
March - Shea
April - Bean
May - Frankie
June - Hawthorne
July - Clawde
August - Nico
September - Gibraltar
October - Spooky Kids
November - Soval
December - Antares

I had a specific kit in my cart but when I went to check out it was gone!
    - In order to keep things fresh in the shop kits are retired after they've been up for awhile.  Seasonal content is on a stricter schedule and removed when the season passes.  Due to the exclusivity of my kits I do not re-release them once they have retired.  I appreciate each and every person who purchases my art and don't want to insult them by bringing back something they believed was limited time only.

What's the deal with physical items?
     -Physical items are designed by me (yay!) but printed and shipped by a third party company.  From my personal experience, coffee mugs ship relatively quick but apparel does typically go by the "arrives by" date that they give you.

Where do you come up with your character ideas?
     -I made a video about this very question!

How come Maynard and Lila aren't in the shop?  Where can I get them?
     -Maynard is a Patreon exclusive character - his sticker kits are part of the perks of being a patron.  Lila is our Twitch friend!  Her kits pop up randomly during planner-related Twitch streams and occasionally as channel point rewards.  Lila content doesn't have a monetary cost and she was created as a way to say thank you to everyone who supports my crazy self on the Twitch platform.

What's the deal with the price difference between the shop here and the Etsy site?
     -In a word...fees.  Etsy's fees for sellers have been steadily climbing over the near decade that I have been a seller on the platform.  In fact, that was one of the driving forces behind opening a standalone shop.  When selling low cost items the fees that Etsy charges can easily overtake the seller's asking price.

What is Extreme Planning?  
     -Every month I create and share a monthly planner with the community called the "Extreme Planner".  Some months have a prompt each day, some months have only one orientation, some months have both portrait and landscape to choose from!  The challenge part is completing every day.  You don't have to share them (but I love when you do!) or you can share a "before the pen" version that contains no information that you prefer to be kept private.  If you do opt to share you can do so in the Facebook group or on Instagram where I can see your posts!  Be sure to use the hashtag #extremeplanning

Genevieve Mazer art