The Legion consists of the members of the LD PR team who help keep everything running smoothly here at Leni Digitals.  These people are an invaluable part of the team and I appreciate every single one of them!


Brand Ambassador:  Mandee • @shadowcatdigitals

Mandee wears a lot of hats here at LD.  She moderates the Legion, she beta tests most of the products you'll find here, and her knowledge of digital planning has benefitted SO MANY members of the community!

Mandee is also a creator in her own right!  You can find her creations in the Shadow Cat Digitals Etsy shop!

PR Legion

Instagram: @suthrngrac

Crystal is our resident Twitch channel moderator!  She is quick to delete the "stick it up my bum" spammers and rescue those of us who get put in Twitch time out for saying something that we didn't know we couldn't say.
At this point Crystal is a veteran!  This girl has been a powerhouse in the Legion Facebook group and her dedication to answering questions or commenting on member posts is what secured her spot on the team!


Instagram: @planwritemeow
Randi is brand new to LD this term and I couldn't be happier to have her on board!  Her PR resume is one of the most impressive I've ever seen and she's just as sweet as can be!  Plus, she doesn't bat an eyelash at my swearing.
And did you know that Randi has her own YouTube channel?!  Check her out here!!


Instagram: @hotmessplans0_o
Happy is an LD veteran at this point!  Her spreads are STUNNING and she's just as nice as can be.  Plus she plays Animal Crossing so YES!!

Instagram: @Brenian_designs
Bren joins us as part of the new Facebook team!  Her enthusiasm in our Twitch streams (and reminders for yours truly to SLOW DOWN) are so, so welcome!!  And did you know Bren has her own sticker shop???  Check her out here!

And speaking of enthusiasm!!  WOW!  Kati has it in spades!  And her spreads are STUNNING!!!!!!  And better still?  Kati uses ZoomNotes!!!  Maybe she can teach me a thing or two....
Welcome to the team, Kati!  

Instagram: @mandomc_designs
You want to talk cool gamer chick?  This girl DRAWS HER OWN MAPS!!!!  Her art is adorable and her spreads are amazing!!  Check out her instagram for some awesome inspo!  

And just for fun: